Q: Why are the flies I just received smaller?
A: We are always listening to you, our customers. You asked for a smaller, more realistic fly and we gave it you.

Q: Where can I purchase the Urinal Fly?
A: Urinal Fly’s are not in stores yet, however you can purchase them on our site by clicking here.

Q: How does it work?
A: Our slogan says it all – Give them something to aim for. By locating the fly correctly in the urinal, splashback is significantly reduced

Q: Is it easy to install?
A: Every urinal fly comes with complete installation instructions. Dry the wall of the urinal and place the label. That’s it.


Q: How long will it last?
A: The label has been tested under constant water immersion and with many common cleaners. It will last for at least 1 year under normal use.

Q: Is it worth the money?
A: Yes! Your customers will notice the increased cleanliness and you will notice the less-frequent cleaning of the men’s restroom.

Q: Can I order other designs?
A: We are always adding new designs. Check out the Customize page to see how you can add your own logo

Q: Can I get your logo on some gear like a T-shirt or hat?
A: Not yet but we are working on it. Send us an email with your suggestion.

Q: Do you have wholesale/distributor pricing levels?
A: We are actively looking for distributors and resellers. Send us an email and your company information.